Pan-India Compliance with TeamLease HRtech

A leading jewellery retailer in eastern India, managing over a hundred stores. The client confronted complex state-specific compliance challenges due to rapid expansion, unstructured record-keeping, and limited compliance knowledge. Our solution included a comprehensive pan-India Statutory Compliance Audit, monthly Statutory Register maintenance, return filings, and government department liaisons. We provided ongoing consultation and access to a Compliance Portal and online document repository. This case study demonstrates our effective Compliance management, ensuring smooth operations for the growing jewellery business.

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  • Scalability of the compliance management process to meet the needs of a fast-growing business and track the compliance status for each location.
  • Unstructured and disintegrated record maintenance and the absence of a real-time compliance management system.
  • Unawareness about the best practices to ensure 100% compliance.

The Implementation

  • Conducted pan-India Statutory Compliance Audit.
  • Provided continuous consultation and support for implementations.
  • Provided access to Compliance Portal and online repository of registers, returns, challans, notice documents, and audit reports to view/download them location-wise for any period.

Key Results

  • 100% risk mitigation in a timely, transparent and accurate manner
  • Brought scalability and ease to compliance management through digitalization
  • Prevented noncompliances with potential fines of up to INR 45 Lakhs

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