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Digital Workforce Solutions2023-08-03T09:32:45+00:00
Intelligent Automation
for All Your Workforce Needs
Intelligent Automation for All Your Workforce Needs

Maximize the potential of your human capital and deliver exceptional business results with our SaaS-based digital workforce solutions.

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One-Stop Solution for All Your
Digital Workforce Needs

From on-roll to off-roll employees and from hiring to retiring, TeamLease HRtech offers the best-in-class, AI-powered digital workforce tools. Our fully automated and universally responsive SaaS-based platform is a one-stop solution for all organizational requirements including – hiring, onboarding, training- assessment, employee lifecycle management, employee experiences, payroll, leave & attendance, compliance, and much more.

End-to-end digital workforce solutions to deliver on your priorities

Customize workflows, improve efficiency and productivity, configure required HR settings, and automate attendance and payroll for the work needs of your employees, HR team, and managers alike.

Data-Driven Applicant Tracking System2022-10-28T09:05:24+00:00

Streamline the entire recruiting process with technology and automation to meet the end-to-end hiring requirements. Improve your time-to-hire and quality-of-hire while reducing the cost-per-hire through our Applicant Tracking System with a complete dashboard, job posting management, invoice management, and digital reporting.

Efficient E-Onboarding2022-10-28T09:05:18+00:00

Catalyze the deployment of your workforce without compromising on productivity. We offer comprehensive digital onboarding solutions such as:

  • Mobile Number Registration, Verification and Login
  • Aadhar Card Number Verification and Voluntary Aadhar Scan
  • Personal and Education Details Recorded on the Online Portal
  • Easy Upload of KYC Documents for Verification
AI-Powered Attendance, Time and Leave Management2022-10-28T09:05:12+00:00

Manage attendance, leaves, and punch-in/punch-out time with our attendance management system through TL Connect – India’s first-ever HR Mobile app. TL Connect offers AI-based face recognition, geo-tracking, and selfie capabilities for transparent and customised attendance management. The advanced system provides:

  • AI-driven nodal point recognition for image comparison
  • Liveliness check enabled technology
  • Tracing the movement of face, eyes and smile 
  • Approval flows curated for managers 
  • Customized number of trials to PI/PO 
  • Geo-location tracking with date and punch in/punch out time
Automated Expense Management and Reimbursement2023-08-31T12:34:51+00:00

Expense management just got easy with TeamLease HRtech’s streamlined digital solutions. The expense management and reimbursement system offers:

  • Simplified expense claims for employees
  • On-the-go mobile-app-based conveyance claim management
  • Lodging & boarding claim management 
  • Paperless, automated expense claim management for quick processing
 Feedback-Based Performance Management2023-08-31T12:35:33+00:00

Boost employee engagement and satisfaction through a continuous feedback approach with our performance management system. The all-inclusive system maximizes employee engagement through:

  • Goal Setting  
  • Employee Rating 
  • Employee Review 
  • Manager Review  
Maximized Field Force Effectiveness2022-10-28T09:04:59+00:00

Manage your field force effectively to meet your sales targets and boost your business. TeamLease HRtech’s Sales force management system is a complete mobile-optimized solution with real-time updates, easy reporting and inventory management. It offers:

  • Easy sales tracking and monitoring
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Inventory management according to daily/monthly plan
  • Lead management
Learning and Skill Development Services2023-08-31T12:37:56+00:00

Give your employees the ideal platform to upskill and learn using our in-house Lurningo app. This collaborative, mobile-first app has Audio Visual content, live sessions, and in-house content, along with career mapping and personality development for employees. It enables AV Assessments and analytics and offers solutions such as onboarding and induction training for employees. 

Seamless Exit Management2022-10-28T09:04:04+00:00

Create a seamless experience for your employees from onboarding to exit. TeamLease HRtech’s exit management system offers:

  • Online resignation system
  • Exit workflow mapping as per company policy
  • LWD change request and approval workflow
  • Exit Status report for ease of Notice Pay recovery 
  • Revoke/retain resignation

Expand Your Reach

Sophisticated digital tools to expand your organization’s scale and reach

Maintain Complete Compliance

Automated solutions to maintain complete adherence to compliance laws

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

Automate operations and transaction processing using AI-based, mobile-friendly applications

Engage and Inspire Your Employees

Give your employees the career progress they deserve through an engaging, learning experience

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