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Human Capital Management2023-08-03T09:35:37+00:00

Reinforcing the Core
of Your Organization

Reinforcing the Core of Your Organization

Empower your enterprise with a new-age, robust, safe, automated and centralized platform for all your HCM needs – from managing workforce to creating business value.

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An integrated solution for your
HCM requirements

Gain easy access to employee information and insights at your convenience while managing all your HR operations. Maximise the value of your organization and gain a competitive advantage with our integrated platform.

Easy to Set-Up, Simple to Use

Add value to your HRMS experience with our unified, comprehensive platform providing one or all HCM solutions seamlessly integrated and tailored to your HR initiative.

Accessible and Consolidated view of your HCM system2023-08-31T12:38:31+00:00
  • Get a detailed view of your employees’ data to assess the pattern of their work, leave, PTO and more.
  • Access important facets and core HR processes any time, anywhere
  • Employ dynamic organisational charts to explain the hierarchy
Reliable and Secure Workforce Data2022-10-28T09:04:37+00:00
  • Secure document management system with AES 256 encryption 
  • Categorize employee data by skill sets, performance numbers and personal data
  • Strengthen data security and compliance
Customized and Automated Workflows2022-10-28T09:04:42+00:00
  • Strategize workflows to enhance your HR initiative output
  • Effortlessly collaborate with stakeholders
  • Utilize tracking systems to ensure smooth and optimal workflows
Seamless and Simplified Digital Record Management2022-10-28T09:04:47+00:00
  • Easy data storage
  • Automate processes such as employee data input and attendance monitoring
  • Digitally record leaves, milestones, and other feats through advanced software

Adapting products for team

HR teams with flexible support for ever-growing teams

Easy to use and manage

Quick establishment of systems and complete control

AI integration

Latest in AI-powered software mitigating cumbersome HR tasks

Communication simplified

Combination of HR modules to fill any communication gaps between stakeholders

Analytic-Based decisions

Data-driven staff decisions made possible

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Why Choose TeamLease

With 20 years of experience in “Putting India to Work,” TeamLease offers bespoke HRtech solutions catering to your organizational requirements. We are one of India’s largest organized staffing companies with a market share of more than 5%. Our transparent, efficient infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology ensures that we are connected with you every step of the way.

20+ Offices, Training, & Hiring Centers

1800+ qualified team members in
a performance-driven culture

3500+ Clients including Fortune 500
companies and fast-growing SMEs

Spanning 28 states pan India

Across 60+ Industries

2.5+ Lakh Associates & Apprentices

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